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Total Shield Protection, LLC

Home Window Tinting

Osprey FL

Call Now: (941) 894-7138

Our company prides itself on the exceptional quality of our home window tinting services. Our customers in Osprey and elsewhere can choose from a variety of type of tinted windows and film types that not only provide a shaded barrier between them and the sun but also can enhance a home’s security by preventing glass from shattering.

We are experts of long standing when it comes to helping our customers find the perfect window film for their needs. There are multiple benefits to be gained from tinting your windows. Some examples include UV protection from the sun’s rays to help reduce heat and glare from coming into your home. Solar film not only protects your furniture colors from fading, but can reduce energy costs via thermal cooling so you are not relying exclusively on your air conditioner to keep your indoor temperature comfortable. It can also protect your home from vandals, intruders and extreme weather by making the glass tougher to break. 

We’re a full service company meaning that we will clean the windows thoroughly before applying the film and do a complete clean up of the job site afterwards. We also offer a best price guarantee – if another company offers a similar service at a lower price than what we quote we will match or beat it.

We know the importance of providing superior customer service and the testimonials we have received on sites like Home Advisor and Thumbtack is further proof that we must be doing something right in this regard. We’re open 7 days a week so phone or email today for more information about the services we provide, not just for homeowners in the Osprey area but business and automobile owners as well.

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